Saturday, August 27, 2011

WEEK 1 Session 1 Walk10K

I am just starting out. Today is day 1 of the TRAINING Walk10K program for me. After that I will do the running a TRAINING Run10K program.

I made a note card for what to do for my walk to take with me.

WEEK 1 Session 1
44 min.
Warm-up: Walk slow & easy for 10 min.
3 min. brisk walk followed by 2 min. slow & easy recovery walk;
2 min. brisk walk - 2 min. recovery walk;
1 min. brisk walk - 2 min. recovery walk.
Repeat this combination 2 times.
Cool-down: Walk slow & easy for 10 min.

I will walk on a local track. I have a stop watch and will get a sports watch soon.

I also did a session with Via to condition her to wear a head halter so that in the near future she can walk with me.

My first goal is a year down the road. I'd like to be the handler for Via's AD. It is an endurance test that is a prelude to a earning SCHH title. I would like to either run it or ride on a bike. I don't have a bike yet but I do have a springer. I think the bike is much more realistic for me as the AD is 20 km [12.4 miles] at a pace of 7 to 9 miles per hour.

I also want need just have to get fit so that I can keep up with my dog in agility. I don't want to have a heart attack!

Walking 10K

Running 10K

Getting faster at the 10K

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  1. It took me an HOUR to get out the door. When I picked up my shoes both the kidlet and the wife decided that they needed to go too. Then the kidlet had to find a needle for the ball pump so that she could bring her basketball.

    Once we got started it was a nice outing. I needed up walking longer at the end for the last cool down part because the kidlet decided to join me when I was just about done.

    I'd say a good time was had by all.